Proofs from the Holy Quran of the Existence of God — A Summary of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s Arguments

Edited and translated by Imam Kalamazad Mohammed

Proof 07

The seventh proof is that those who accept the Supreme Being as their Master and have deep faith in Him are always successful and, despite severe opposition from people, no disaster alights on them.

Believers in the existence of God are born in every country in the world and they have been persecuted by their enemies more cruelly than any other group of people. Nevertheless, opposition to them has always come to naught. For example, Ram Chandra was banished in exile to the forest, but did the perpetrators of this vile act enjoy any happiness or did they acquire any delight? On the contrary, the name of Ram Chandra has been alive for hundreds of thousands of years and never will his name be tarnished in any conceivable way.

Again, what good came to those who rejected the message of Lord Krishna? Were his enemies not destroyed in the battlefield of Kauchatra? Take also the case of King Pharaoh who forced Israelites to work as labourers in making bricks for his huge construction projects. He rose up in opposition to Prophet Moses (as) who was alone and helpless at the time, but was Pharaoh able to harm him in any way? He, himself, was drowned and Prophet Moses (as) became a king. The whole world knows everything about the enmity shown to the Messiah, Prophet Jesus (as), and nothing is hidden about his elevation to honour and reverence. Look at how his opponents were ruined and how many kings of the earth became his servants! And what about our lord and master, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sas), who surpassed all in spreading the holy name of God in the world? So much was he in love with Allah, Most High, that a European writer referred to him as a madman (we seek refuge in Allah, Most High) of God for wherever he went he kept calling the name of his Lord. He, too, had his detractors and opposers, and even close family members of his became his enemies, but were the keys for opening the treasures of the earth not placed in his hand? If God does not exist, who gave him this assistance?

However, all those who stood up to elevate the name of God themselves became honoured, exalted and victorious as Allah, Most High, tells us in the Holy Qur’an:

And whoever takes Allah and His Messenger and those who believe for friends – surely the party of Allah, they shall triumph” (5:56).