Proofs from the Holy Quran of the Existence of God — A Summary of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s Arguments

Edited and translated by Imam Kalamazad Mohammed

Proof 09

The ninth proof of the existence of God seems to be ilham (words spoken by God to the heart of man). Although this testimony is placed at number nine in the list, it is nevertheless a mighty and powerful argument which establishes the certainty of the presence of God. To this effect, Allah, Most High, says in the Holy Quran:

Allah confirms those who believe with the sure word in this life and in the Hereafter ….” (14:27).

Thus, since in every age Allah, Most High, converses with a very large number of people, to deny this actuality cannot be proper. Not only does Allah, Most High, speak to the prophets and messengers but He also carries on dialogue with the saints of Islam and many a time He takes pity on a poor, humble servant of His and imparts words of consolation to him. As a result, even this weak writer has been blessed with converse with the Almighty and with mighty proof of His presence. This is not all. Many a time He speaks to very impure and evil-minded people also in order to confirm in their minds proof of His existence. Thus, very often people like sweepers of the streets, shoemakers (chamars) and dancing girls experience true dreams or an inspired word (ilham). In order to prove that these intimations proceed from a Mighty Being, it often happens that they are vouchsafed news of future events which all come to pass at the proper time thus indicating that these matters are not the concoctions of a human brain nor the result of indigestion. Very often, too, news of things that will take place hundreds of years in the future are given to them so that no one can object by saying that only current events are explained in dreams and happen only accidentally. Consequently, both in the Torah and the Holy Quran, the stupendous advances of Christians, which bring wonder to the eyes of all who witness them, have been recorded since early times and have been explained in plain, unambiguous language. In fact, we also find references to other events that were destined to take place in a later age. A few examples from the Holy Quran will suffice, the first of which is:

  1. And when the camels are abandoned” (81:4), and the Hadith also mentions the fact that camels will fall into disuse. Consequently, with the coming on stream of railways in modern times, this prophecy has been fulfilled. So graphically has the Holy Prophet (sas) described the railway that a picture of it floats before one’s eyes and makes it evident that he was referring to this form of conveyance which will run through the power of steam and will send out mountainous clouds of smoke in its frontal part, and in regard to its mode of travelling and its load-bearing capacity, it will run everywhere like a mule. In addition, it will give out a loud noise when it starts its run. Other signs like these were also recorded in the Hadith.
  2. The second prophecy is contained in the verse: “And when the books are spread” (81:10). If we turn our attention to the worldwide explosion of books brought about by the printing press, we will find that there is no need for further clarification of this prophecy.
  3. The third reference states: “And when men are united” (81:7). It is very difficult to conceive of a greater level of increase in the social contacts that are taking place in this age and also the ease with which people can now meet and interact.
  4. The fourth prophecy is contained in these verses: “The day when the quaking one will quake – the consequences will follow it” (79:6–7). These verses tell of a future age (our present time) when there will be a widespread occurrence of massive earthquakes so much so that things that were hidden in the bowels of the earth will then come into play.
  5. The fifth prophecy comes from the verse: “And there is not a town but We will destroy it before the day of Resurrection or chastise it with a severe chastisement. That is written in the Book” (17:58). As a result, we are witnessing today, in an unprecedented scale, disasters like plagues, earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions from mountains as well as the destruction brought about by internecine warfare. In addition, so great is the agglomeration of the causes of death and with such violence is it attended, that no similar conglomeration or severity ever existed in a previous era.

Furthermore, Islam is such a religion that in every century, Allah, Most High, raises from its community a member who is blessed and ennobled through Divine revelation. In addition, that person proves by wondrous signs that there really exists a mighty and powerful God, Knower of the Unseen, Who is the Planner and Doer of what He intends. Accordingly, Allah, Most High, sent revelation, in this modern age, to His appointed one, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib, who was leading a life of powerlessness and anonymity.

The first of these revelations was recorded in Barahin-e Ahmadiyyah, published in 1881, and was in Arabic, a translation of which is as follows:

“People will come to thee from every remote path in such large numbers that the pathways they walked on will become deep. ‘You will be helped by people whose hearts I (Allah) have inspired, but you should not treat these servants of Allah in a demeaning manner. After witnessing this huge number of visitors, you should not get tired or indifferent in your meeting with them.’”

This announcement was proclaimed by a man who was living in a little village, the name of which was not even known in civilised circles. Yet, in spite of determined opposition and obstacles, the whole world witnessed people from every corner of the globe, even as far as America and Africa, coming to visit him and stay awhile at his home. In addition, this peculiarity of the abundance of people shaking hands and meeting and greeting could not have been accomplished by the hand of men. Again, is it an insignificant thing that large numbers of people have chosen voluntarily to forsake their beloved homelands and remain here so that the name of Qadian has spread throughout the world? And is this such a trivial sign that can be ignored by a cursory glance of the eye?

The next reference is to Alexander Dowie, a Christian preacher from America. He claimed to be a prophet of God, and published these foul words in the form of a prayer against the religion of Islam:

“I pray to God that the day will soon come when Islam will be wiped out from the face of the earth. Please God, accept my supplication and please destroy Islam. I beseech again, dear God.”

Of all the Muslims in the world, it was only Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib who published a poster in opposition to him in the words:

“O (false) claimant to prophethood, come and have a duel with me. My choice of weapon is prayer (du‘a). Let us both prayer to God, entreating Him that whoever is the liar between us should die first, that is, in the lifetime of the other” (American Telegraph, July 1902).

However, Dowie, in scornful disdain, answered thus:

“Do you really think that I will condescend to reply to these mosquitoes and flies? If I put my feet on them, I shall grind them into dust” (Dowie’s newspaper, News of Healing, December 1902).

Notwithstanding this, Hazrat Mirza Sahib replied in his poster of 23 August 1903 in these words:

“If Dowie should run away from the challenge, still he must certainly know that a terrible calamity will shortly befall his community. ‘Dear God! Dear perfect God, kindly give a swift decision in this matter and expose the falsehood of Dowie before the whole world.’”

It is instructive to know what ensued after Mirza Sahib’s petition. Reverend Dowie used to live the life of a prince with a sum of millions of dollars to his name, but as fate would have it, his wife and his son became his enemies and his father issued a poster saying that Dowie was born out of an illegitimate union. Ultimately, he was struck with paralysis and, overcome with pain and agony, he became insane. Finally, in March 1907, with great sorrow and regret, he died an ignominious death. Prior information concerning this was given to Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad by Allah, Most High, and it happened just as Mirza Sahib predicted in his poster of 10 February 1907, saying that Allah, Most High, had spoken saying that He would display a fresh sign which would herald a mighty victory. This would be a sign for the whole world. Dowie’s destruction served as evidence of the existence of God. This was a triumph for Mirza Sahib over the whole Christian world – both new and old.

The third reference pertains to Lekhram, a well-known leader of the Arya Samaj group. In the booklet Karamatus-Sadiqin, published in Safar 1308 AH, there is this prophecy related to Lekhram: Hazrat Mirza Sahib stated that Allah, Most High, had answered his supplication and informed him that within six years Lekhram would be destroyed. His crime was that he had hurled foul abuses against the Holy Prophet (sas) and had poured contempt on his character in abominable language. Again, in a poster published in February 1893, Mirza Sahib related the manner of the death of this enemy of Islam. Allah, Most High, revealed it in Arabic, a translation of which is as follows:

“Lekhram is like the calf that the Samiri made. It is lifeless and possesses merely a hollow sound without the slightest vestige of spirituality in it. Therefore, he would receive the same kind of punishment that was meted out to the calf of the Samiri.”

Now, everyone knows what happened to that calf: it was cut up in very small pieces and was burnt, after which its ashes were thrown in the sea.

Further, on 2 April 1893, Hazrat Mirza Sahib saw in a vision (Barakat-ud-Du‘a, Marginal note 4, 1st Edition) a powerful and dreadful looking apparition which was not human but seemed to be a stern and fierce angel who asked:

“Where is Lekhram?”

An additional piece of information was written in Karamatus-Sadiqin and that divulged the actual date of the grievous punishment – the day after Eid. And so it happened that Lekhram was assassinated five years after the prophecy and this took place on 6 March 1897, thus proving with astounding clarity the existence of God. Thus, ilham (revelation) is such a phenomenon that to deny its reality is to perish in obstinacy and rebellion.