Proofs from the Holy Quran of the Existence of God — A Summary of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s Arguments

Edited and translated by Imam Kalamazad Mohammed

Proof 10

The tenth proof which the Holy Quran elucidates in order to settle all contentions can be gleaned from the verse:

And those who strive hard for Us, We shall certainly guide them in Our ways. And Allah is surely with the doers of good (to others)” (29:69).

The person who denies the reality of God should surely reflect on the fact that if there is really a God, things may turn out very badly for him. With this thought in his mind, if he is a sincere seeker after truth, with a heart full of anxiety and trepidation, he ought to fall humbly before his Lord and, with deep fervour and ardour, he should make petition thus:

“Dear God, if You really exist and are as Your devotees claim, Possessor of absolute and unlimited power, then kindly have mercy on me and grant me guidance from Your Divine Being and place in my heart faith and conviction so that I may not end up in deprivation.”

If any person makes this supplication with a sincere heart and continues it for at least forty days, then no matter the religion in which he was born, or whether he is the king of a country, the Lord of all the worlds will surely bestow guidance on him. He will quickly realise that Allah, Most High, will surely stamp the reality of His existence on his heart in such an indelible manner that all the impurities of doubt and uncertainty will be banished far from his heart.

It is plain to all that this kind of decisive judgement contains not the slightest trace of deception. Therefore, any genuine seeker after truth will never find the least difficulty in following this course of behaviour.