Selections from the Discourses and Exhortations of the Promised Messiah

by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian


Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was the Divinely promised Mujaddid (Reformer) of the fourteenth century (Hijrah), the Imam of the Age, the Promised Messiah and the Mahdi in Islam. His whole life was devoted to the defence, revival and propagation of Islam, especially to the Western world, in accordance with the prophecy of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sas) that the sun would one day rise in the West.

In addition to numberless speeches, pamphlets, posters and poems, he wrote more than eighty books in Arabic, Urdu and Persian, many of which have been translated into English, and in these he presented intellectual and spiritual arguments to sow the seeds of the ultimate triumph of Islam over all ideologies. We are happy to state that we are daily witnessing the fruits of the Imam’s [Spiritual Leader’s] labour in the interest shown for Islamic knowledge in the Western world and the powerful impact his writings and that of his learned disciples such as Maulana Muhammad Ali and Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din have made on the intellectual spirit of all those who have read these publications.

To commemorate the one-hundredth anniversary of his death (b. 13 February 1835/ d. 26 May 1908), the Ahmadiyya Muslim Literary Trust, Trinidad and Tobago has published a small sampling of his daily spiritual discourses and exhortations which he imparted to his disciples and have now been compiled under the title of Malfuzaat.

We hope that this will whet the appetite of the genuine seeker after truth and his deep spiritual insight to delve into the treasure chest of spiritual gems that he has left for posterity — especially for today’s world that is rapidly descending into extremes: of fanaticism on one side and heedlessness of religious values on the other.

May Allah guide us all in our quest for the authentic Islam of the Quran and the Hadith as truly expounded by the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement.

Enayat Mohammed
Chairman, Ahmadiyya Muslim Literary Trust, Trinidad and Tobago
May 2008