The Anti-Christ and Gog and Magog

by Maulana Muhammad Ali

Why is the Dajjal called Masih?

As a matter of fact, a little thought will find this truth indicated in the fact of Dajjal being given the name of Masih al-Dajjal. Why should, after all, Dajjal be called Masih or Messiah? The reason is that Dajjal shall be setting about his task under the name of “Messiah”, which is a sacred title given by God to Prophet Jesus by revelation. The giving of this title of a righteous servant of God to Dajjal shows that the latter will be doing his work in the name of this holy man; and it is this which in reality constitutes its dajl or fraud, because while he assumes the name of Messiah, who was a prophet and a righteous servant of God, he does things which are directly opposed to his teachings. The Messiah Jesus taught that God is one and that none else but He should be served and worshipped, but Dajjal raised the Messiah himself to the position of God. Again, whereas Jesus the Messiah taught that all the prophets of God were His righteous servants, Dajjal condemned all these holy personages as sinners. The reason is not far to seek. Unless all those people whom God chose from time to time for the guidance of humanity are condemned as sinful, there arises no necessity for a supposed sinless son of God to be an atonement for the sins of humanity. Further, whereas the true Messiah taught that every man receives reward or punishment for his own actions, Dajjal in the guise of the Messiah teaches that the son of God is a sufficient atonement for the sins of all Christendom. The real Messiah preached that a rich man cannot enter the kingdom of heaven; but Dajjal, pretending to be the Messiah, teaches people but one thing, the accumulation of wealth.