The Great Reformer (Vol. 2) [‘Mujaddid-e-Azam’]

Biography of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian

by Dr. Basharat Ahmad

Translated by Akram Ahmad

Author’s Foreword

الحمدللّٰہ رب العالمین والصلوٰۃ والسلام علی رسولہٖ محمدٍ المصطفی واٰلہٖ واصحابہٖ اجمعین

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

And may blessings and peace be on His Messenger Muhammad Mustafa and on all of his righteous followers and companions.

Many thanks to Allah Who has enabled me to present the second volume of The Great Reformer (Mujaddid Azam) to my friends and the public. In this volume, events from the life of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Reformer of the fourteenth century Hijrah (according to the Islamic calendar) are recorded extending from June 1900 up to his demise.

In this second volume, I have also included chapters that encompass the nature, disposition and qualities of Hazrat Mirza. The only thing left for the third volume is a commentary on the religious services rendered by him. Friends and patrons are requested to pray that Allah may give me the ability to present this also to the public.

I beseech Allah, the Most High, to accept this biographical work as a modest offering of this humble man, and to grant this biography the power to awaken the minds and souls of people to the truth so that they may join the mission of serving and propagating Islam for which God appointed Hazrat Mirza at the start of the fourteenth century Hijrah.

I entreat Allah to give the Muslims the ability to join in this mission in accordance with the Quranic injunction:

وَ تَعَاوَنُوۡا عَلَی الۡبِرِّ وَ التَّقۡوٰی ۪

“And help one another in righteousness and piety” (The Holy Quran, 5:2),

and may they listen to this pleading of the Reformer (mujaddid) of the time.

اے مسلماناں خدارا یک نظربرحالِ دیں
آنچہ می بینم بلاہا حاجتِ اظہار نیست

آتش اُفتاد است دردختش بخیرید اے یلاں
دیدنش از دُور کارِمردمِ دیندار نیست

ہر زماں از بہر دیں در خوں دلِ من مے تپد
محرمِ ایں دردِ ماجز عالم اسرار نیست

ایخدا ہرگز مکن شادآں دل ِتاریک را
آنکہ اور افکر دینِ احمدِ مختارنیست

اے براورپنج روز ایام ِعشرت ہابُوَد
دائما عیش و بہارِ گلشن و گلزار نیست

“O Muslims! Do turn to the assistance of Islam, for the sake of God; After all, how much further can one elaborate upon the calamities that are being witnessed nowadays

O Muslims! Your brothers in faith are in dreadful circumstances; And it is not the custom of the faithful to witness such an ominous spectacle from afar

My soul is unendingly distressed and restless because of Islam’s plight;
And it is God alone Who is aware of this searing anguish that I endure

O God! Do not grant happiness to that dishonorable and ignoble man; Who isn’t troubled and agonized by the predicament of Prophet Muhammad’s religion.

O fellow man! The days of worldly enjoyment and luxury are but few; After all, the splendor of springtime and its luxuriant verdure don’t last forever.”

Basharat Ahmad,
Lahore, India
November 21, 1940.