The Great Reformer (Vol. 2) [‘Mujaddid-e-Azam’]

Biography of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian

by Dr. Basharat Ahmad

Translated by Akram Ahmad

Chapter 10: Desire to produce Intellectuals in the Organization, and ‘The Mufid-ul-Akhyar’ (Useful Virtuous People) Proclamation

It was Hazrat Mirza’s heartfelt wish that there should be a large number of people in his Organization who should become the inheritors of the religious knowledge that he had been granted by God. For this purpose, he published an announcement titled Mufid-ul-Akhyar on September 9, 1901 in which he remarked:

“It has become necessary that in our organization there should be at least hundred wise and accomplished people who are fully knowledgeable about the powerful and decisive signs, arguments and proofs that God, the Most High, has manifested about this Movement and this claim; and who can convincingly argue with the opponents in any gathering … and in addition can rid every truth-seeker of the doubts created by the publications of the Christian and Arya Samajists, and who stand convinced of the complete and perfect truth of the religion of Islam.

“So in order to achieve these objectives, it has been resolved to draw the attention of all able, knowledgeable, intelligent and wise people in the Movement to prepare themselves for an exam by reviewing books till December 24, 1901.

“And during the next December holidays they should present themselves in Qadian to take a written exam on the aforementioned subject matters. A public gathering for this purpose will also be held here during the same holidays and questions will be asked on the above issues. Those who pass will be selected and considered qualified. Some of them will be sent to appropriate locations to invite people to the truth.”