The Great Reformer (Vol. 2) [‘Mujaddid-e-Azam’]

Biography of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian

by Dr. Basharat Ahmad

Translated by Akram Ahmad

Chapter 15: Bashir Ahmad, Sharif Ahmad, and Mubaraka Begum finish the First Reading of the Quran

When Hazrat Mirza’s sons Bashir Ahmad and Sharif Ahmad, and daughter Mubaraka Begum completed their first reading of the Holy Quran, the event was celebrated by holding the traditional ceremony known as Ameen on November 30, 1901.

Indigents and orphans were fed on that occasion. Friends were also invited to a dinner reception. Hazrat Mirza also composed a poem for that occasion. Every stanza of which ended with the verse:

فسبحان الذّی اخزی الاعادی

“So glory be to Him Who discredited my enemies.”