The Last Prophet of Allah

by Ghulam Nabi Muslim

Table of Contents:

  • The Last Prophet of Allah [Muhammad (pbuh)]
  • Birth and Boyhood of the Prophet of Allah
  • Muhammad the Prophet (pbuh)
  • Early Muslims
  • Hamza and Umar accept Islam
  • Hijrat — Flight to Madina
  • Entry into Madina
  • Life in Madina
  • The Battle of Badr
  • The Battle of Uhud
  • The Battle of the Ditch or the Allies
  • The Jews of Madina
  • The Conquest of Mecca
  • The Last Pilgrimage
  • The Death of the Prophet
  • His Habits
  • His Religion
  • Some Stories of the Prophet’s Life:
    • Faith in Allah
    • Victory of Kindness
    • Steadfastness
    • Religious Toleration
    • Kindness to Slaves
    • Freedom of Thought
    • Divine Protection
    • Mercy to Mankind