The Martyrdom of Sahibzada Abdul Latif Shaheed

by Prof. Khalil-ur-Rahman

An Ode to Sahibzada Abdul Latif

Some verses of the Promised Messiah in respect of Hazrat Sahibzada:

These verses are taken from Hazrat Mirza’s book Tazkirat-ul Shahadatain. The original poem is in Persian.

This courageous, beloved of Allah
At last showed his mettle

He gave his life for his love
And elevated his heart over the worldly desires

The jungle of this life is full of dangers
Serpents everywhere are lurking with open mouths

Thousands of flames reaching from the earth to sky
Thousands of floods of blood must be traversed

Thousands of miles must be crossed to reach the Beloved
Over thorns and thousands of difficulties

See the courage and bravery of this foreigner Shaikh
He spanned this dangerous jungle in one stride

Imbued with the love of God so much
Happily he gave his head for the Beloved

Willingly he embraced death for his Beloved
And as an antidote drank the cup of poison

Unless one drinks the cup of poison
How can salvation be received from this life.

Concealed behind such death are hundreds of lives
If you want life, put the bowl of death to your lips

Keep the example before you of this pure person, Abdul Latif
How did he destroy himself for truth

Its the way and manner of fidelity and faithfulness to God
Its the customary pinnacle of sincerity

To keep truth alive, they kill themselves
In the path of Allah, they sacrifice themselves

Religion is sowing the seed of annihilation and stepping out of this world
Dying for religion is the name of life.