The Quranic View of Human Freedom

by Dr. Basharat Ahmad

In this book, the author dispels all allegations against Islam on the topic of slavery. The Holy Quran is against all forms of slavery — human, political, socio-economic, religious, gender-based and intellectual. Islam is the only religion that can emancipate humans from the shackles of slavery that prevail in society.

Original Urdu edition: 20th March 1934

English translation (3rd reprint): 1969

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  • Urdu

Table of Contents:

  • Part 1:
    • The Quranic Standard of Freedom
    • The First Call for Freedom
    • The Modern Champions of Freedom
    • Every form of Bondage Abolished
      • Man, the Lord of Creation
      • Equality among Mankind
        • Common Origin
      • Freedom from Political Bondage
      • Freedom from Blind following and Intellectual Bondage
      • Freedom from Social Bondage
      • Freedom from Sex Inferiority
      • Deliverance from Economic Bondage
      • Freedom from Obedience to the Devil and Sensual Desires
      • Freedom from Ignorance
      • Deliverance of the Weak from the Bondage of the Mighty
    • The Quran Prevents Slavery Forever
    • The Gradual Emancipation of Slaves
      • Injunctions about Improving the lot of Slaves
      • How to effect Gradual Emancipation
    • A Challenge
  • Part 2:
    • No Cohabitation without Marriage
    • The First Injunction
    • The Second Injunction
    • The Third Injunction
    • The Fourth Injunction
    • An Objection
    • The Sunnah of the Prophet [Muhammad (pbuh)]
    • The Example of the Companions
    • Previous Practice is no Religious Law
    • The Holy Quran does not Legalise Slavery
    • The Two Ways of Reform
      • The Immediate Reform
      • The Gradual Reform
    • The Testimony of History