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English translation of ‘Najm-ul-Huda’

by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian

In this book, the author gives an exposition on the names, Ahmad and Muhammad, of the Holy Prophet (pbuh), the spiritual transformation wrought by Islam and him and the signs of the truthfulness of Islam, the Holy Prophet and the Promised Messiah himself.

Original Arabic and Urdu publication: 20th November 1898

1st English translation by Khan Bahadur Abul Hashim Khan Chowdhary: 1933

2nd English translation (revised) by Sheikh Ghulam Gilani Kamran: 25th December 1960

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The following translations are to be added:

  • Arabic
  • Urdu

Table of Contents:

  • Introductory Remarks / Foreword
  • Advent of Islam:
    • Significance of the Two Names Ahmad and Muhammad
    • The Purpose of the Book
    • Transformation wrought by the Holy Prophet
    • Three Stages of Islamic Teachings
    • Miraculous Character of the Holy Prophet
    • An Evidence of the Truth of the Holy Prophet
  • Advent of the Promised Messiah:
    • Brief Account of the Life of the Promised Messiah
    • Message of the Promised Messiah
    • Proofs in Support of the Claims
    • Signs of the Promised Messiah
    • The Lunar and the Solar Eclipses Destined to Occur at the Appearance of the Promised Messiah
    • The Prophecy of the Death of Lekh Ram Fulfilled
  • Conclusion