True Conception of the Ahmadiyya Movement

by Maulana Muhammad Ali

A Movement for Islam

Because of its distinctive features from other Islamic groups in certain respects, the Ahmadiyya group may be called a sect or school of thought in Islam, but it is in fact a great movement within the fold of Islam, the main object of which is to awaken Muslims and consolidate their efforts for the spread of Islam. Its object is not to concentrate on, and retain differences of, minor importance as is done by other schools of thought in Islam. Its ideal is, however, far superior and beyond all secta­rianism.

If the only object of this movement is to prove the death of Jesus Christ and establish the truth of the claims of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as the Promised Messiah, Mahdi and Mujaddid, it may perhaps be classed as a sect like other sects in Islam. But that is not for which the Ahmadiyya Movement stands. These are only a means to achieve an end. And what is that end? Spreading and strengthening the cause of Islam in the world and rousing up of Muslims for this sacred task.