True Conception of the Ahmadiyya Movement

by Maulana Muhammad Ali

Ahmadiyyat is the only Interpretation of these Visions

The Holy Prophet was not only shown, thirteen hundred years ago, what was going to happen to Islam but also what catastro­phe the world was going to face. He mentioned all these events in his prophecies. Similarly, the appearance of the Promised Messiah and the coming into existence of the Ahmadiyya Movement is also a link in the chain of these events. As all other things indicate the truthfulness of the Holy Prophet, a similar purpose is served by the existence of the Ahmadiyya Movement in this age. All the events mentioned above were intimately connected with the appearance of the Promised Messiah. The coming of the Messiah before the fulfilment of these signs was not possible. If such signs have been fulfilled, then the Messiah should also come, as these happenings are intertwined with his appearance. But if only a few signs have come true and for the fulfilment of the rest we have to wait, then we could also wait for the coming of the Messiah. But if all such events have taken place, then why should the coming of Messiah, the centre piece of the whole evidence, be delayed indefinitely?

The prevalence of Islam over other religions according to Hadith is connected with his advent. If Gog and Magog have dominated the globe we inhabit and they have captured all the wealth and power of the world, if the Antichrist is leading humanity astray, and if Muslims have entirely lost touch with the Quran and are lamentably involved in wranglings and are slinging mud at one another over minor differences, if their ‘ulama’, devoid of all understanding of truth and reality, are engaged in only the externals of worship, and the real faith, as the tradition goes, has been raised up to the Pleiades, if all this has happened and Islam has been completely surrounded with all sorts of misfortunes, then can it be the response of God Almighty and All-wise that Islam should suffer on all sides but His promise of its deliverance should remain unfulfilled in this dire hour of need? This is, however, not possible. If a little thought is given to this point it will be easily seen that the manifestation of the Promised Messiah is more evident than all these matters. Because it was he who directed our attention to these happenings in the world, to show that all these events go to fulfil the prophecies and visions of the Holy Prophet. Every sign was before us but we could not see into it; we read about it in the books of hadith day and night but could not understand it. There was a veil of darkness over our eyes as well as over the eyes of those who were worldly-wise otherwise, or the ‘ulama’ or the so-called spiritual leaders. It was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who tore asunder this veil of ignorance and there appeared from beneath it, shining proofs for the truthfulness of the Holy Prophet. Had Hazrat Mirza not appeared, all these things would have remained hidden from the world. In spite of the fact that there are hundreds of events by which the dreams and visions of the Holy Prophet have been fulfilled, but the sole and single interpretation of all of them is Ahmadiyyat.