True Conception of the Ahmadiyya Movement

by Maulana Muhammad Ali

Glory of the Quran Manifested

Ahmadiyyat not only gave preference to the Quran, not only expressed its love for it and not only popularized its teachings but also, above all, proved that it was a book of great know­ledge and learning. Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in his earlier writings based all his arguments on this Divine Book whether these were in support of Islam or for repudiation of some other false doctrines. In important discussions and controversies his usual practice was to go through the whole of the Quran from beginning to end and derive all his conclusions from it.

While debating with a Christian Missionary ‘Abd Allah Atham [Abdullah Atham], in 1893 C.E., he laid before him the principle that whatever claims or arguments were advanced from either party, should be based on their respective religious scriptures. He followed this princi­ple throughout his written controversy and deduced all his claims and arguments in favour of Islam or against Christianity from the Quran.1 But the Christian Missionary could not fulfil this condition.

Similarly, in his lecture delivered at the Religious Conference held at Lahore in 1896 C.E. in reply to the five fundamental religious questions put forward by the organizers of the meeting, the Founder kept in view the same principle.2

This distinctive feature of the Quran not only gives it prefer­ence over other sacred Books but also is a strong argument for its being revealed from God. For it is impossible for a man to comprehend all the claims and furnish all the arguments neces­sary thereof in establishing the truth and refuting falsehood in every form for all times to come. Thus, in this way he firmly established the glory and grandeur of the Quran which cannot be denied by any wise person. The literature published today by the Ahmadiyya Movement reflects this main characteristic of the Quran that its greatness can be manifested on rational grounds.



  1. This controversy was published under the title Jang-i Muqaddas — Editor.
  2. The Teachings of Islam is an English translation of this lecture — Editor.