True Conception of the Ahmadiyya Movement

by Maulana Muhammad Ali

The Ninth Distinction: Theory of Abrogation Rejected

There were several other things which Muslims had accepted by mistake although there was no ground for their acceptance. For instance, Muslims had generally come to believe that there were verses in the Quran which were abrogated by other Quranic verses. And on this point, they insisted so much that anybody who did not agree with them was not considered to be a Muslim. A verse can abrogate another verse only when it stands in opposition to the other. By accepting such a view, it has to be admitted that discrepancy was found in the Quran whereas the Quran clearly indicates:

“And if it were from any other than Allah they would have found in it many a discrepancy.”1

Thus, to accept discrepancy in the Quran is to accept it from any other source than Allah. This is where this wrong belief had led the Muslims. But they kept on adhering to such an errone­ous doctrine till it was removed by the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement, who made it clear that there was no verse in the Quran which has been abrogated by another verse, nor does the Quran mention anything like that. Verses2 from which such a conclusion was drawn only refer to the abrogation of some of the commandments, i.e., previous shariahs [Religions]. It was in this way that the dignity of the Quran was manifested and established.



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