What is Islam?

by James William Lovegrove (Habeeb-Ullah)


Muslims, like the followers of many other religions, believe in the existence of angels, but they do not accept angels as objects of adoration, nor address them in their prayers. They are functionaries in the working of the world on the physical plane. They act as spirits in things which, though inanimate, exhibit their attributes with as great an exactness as if they possessed a mind.

They never fail to work out their inherent properties, when coming under favourable circumstances. Every­thing organic or inorganic seems to pursue a prescribed course, laid down for its development by God. In pursuing that course, dumb and inanimate nature seems to be more faithful than we intelligent beings. This law-abidingness in the dead matter is the work of an angel which works as mind or spirit in the different manifestations in nature.

On the spiritual plane also angels perform their functions. They act as inviters to good. They bring messages from God to man and act as guardians to those evolved souls who continue on the right path. The angels guide them to good and guard them against evil. When a soul reaches the height of spirituality and become devoid of all selfish grossness they act as ministers to his needs and become his servants.