What is Islam?

by James William Lovegrove (Habeeb-Ullah)


[Some sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on sympathy]:

Do you love your Creator? Love your fellow-beings first.

God is not merciful to him who is not so to mankind. They will enter the blissful abode who have true, pure, and merciful hearts. He who is not kind to God’s creatures, and to his own children, God will not be so to him.

One who takes charge of an orphan will be one with me on the day of requital.

Look after the widowed women.

Help the needy.

One of the acts of charity is to feed the wayfarer.

He is not of us (Muslims) who is not affectionate to his little ones, and does not revere the old.

To gladden the heart of the weary, to remove the suffering of the afflicted, have their own rewards.

He who helps his fellow-creatures in the hour of need, and he who helps the oppressed, him will God help in the time of difficulty.

Who is the most favoured of God? He from whom the greatest good cometh to His creatures.

He who will do good to the needy, God will do good to him in this and in the next world.

Seek for Allah’s goodwill in that of the poor and indigent.

Avert the wrath of Allah with charity, be it but half a date.

They will enter the abode of bliss who have a true, pure and merciful heart.

O! Ayesha (Prophet’s spouse), do not turn away the poor without giving them something, be it but half a date.