What to do for the Dead

by Maulana Mustapha Kemal Hydal

Table of Contents:

    • Dedication
    • Introduction
    • What to do for the Dead
    • Informing those concerned on the Occasion of Death
    • Wake — A Pagan Custom
    • Hastening the Burial
    • Sleeping while the Dead Body is in the House
    • Reading and Explanation of the Holy Quran
    • Drinking, Gambling, Coffee and Biscuits
    • Bathing the Dead
    • Shrouding the Dead
    • The Funeral Procession
    • The Funeral Service
    • The Funeral Prayer
    • Prayers of the Holy Prophet [Muhammad (pbuh)] at Funerals
    • The Burial
    • Weeping and Wailing
    • Extravagance and Un-Islamic Customs
    • Niyaz
    • Tazim