English Translation and Commentary of the Holy Quran (2010)

by Maulana Muhammad Ali

Chapter 24: An-Nur — The Light (Revealed at Madinah: 9 sections, 64 verses)


In verse 35 of this chapter Islam is shown to be the most perfect manifestation of Divine Light to illumine both East and West, and hence the name of the chapter. As this light was to first illumine the houses in which Muslims live (v. 36), this chapter deals with the purity of home life. It begins by condemning illicit sexual relations and slander against women, and then it prescribes measures to prevent sexual immorality. It goes on to deal with the kindling of Divine light in Muslim hearts and the establishment of the kingdom of Islam. It ends by teaching respect for each other’s privacy and for the Holy Prophet’s orders as these relate to the welfare of the community. This chapter was revealed at Madinah, largely about 5 A.H.

List of Sections (Rukus):

  1. Law relating to Adultery (Verses 24:1–24:10)
  2. Slanderers of Aishah (Verses 24:11–24:20)
  3. Slanderers of Women (Verses 24:21–24:26)
  4. Preventive Measures (Verses 24:27–24:34)
  5. Manifestation of Divine Light (Verses 24:35–24:40)
  6. Manifestation of Divine Power (Verses 24:41–24:50)
  7. Establishment of the Kingdom of Islam (Verses 24:51–24:57)
  8. Respect for Privacy (Verses 24:58–24:61)
  9. Matters of State to take Precedence (Verses 24:62–24:64)