English Translation and Commentary of the Holy Quran (2010)

by Maulana Muhammad Ali

Chapter 25: Al-Furqan — The Criterion (Revealed at Makkah: 6 sections, 77 verses)


The name of this chapter, Al-Furqān, meaning criterion, distinction or discrimination, is one of the names of the Holy Quran because of the distinction it brings about between truth and falsehood. It deals with the great transformation which the Quran brought about in the lives of those who accepted it. At the outset it declares that the Holy Prophet’s message is for all nations of the world. It goes on to assert the truth of the warning conveyed by the Holy Prophet and prophesies that a discrimination will be finally made between good and evil. It then draws lessons from the fate of previous peoples as well as from phenomena in nature. It ends with a description of the righteous, showing the transformation in people that the Quran was to effect. This chapter was revealed entirely at Makkah, most probably in the last period.

List of Sections (Rukus):

  1. A Warner for all Nations (Verses 25:1–25:9)
  2. Truth of the Warning (Verses 25:10–25:20)
  3. The Day of Discrimination (Verses 25:21–25:34)
  4. A Lesson in the Fate of Former People (Verses 25:35–25:44)
  5. A Lesson from Nature (Verses 25:45–25:60)
  6. The Transformation Brought About (Verses 25:61–25:77)