English Translation and Commentary of the Holy Quran (2010)

by Maulana Muhammad Ali

Chapter 44: Ad-Dukhan — The Drought (Revealed at Makkah: 3 sections, 59 verses)


The title of this chapter is The Drought from the prophecy of the drought in v. 10. Chapters 40 to 46 form one group; see the introductory note to chapter 40. It predicts lighter punishment followed by severer if the opponents of truth did not repent, and cites the case of Pharaoh. Then it contrasts the final conditions of the righteous and the wicked.

List of Sections (Rukus):

  1. Lighter Punishment followed by Severer (Verses 44:1–44:29)
  2. Good and Evil Rewarded (Verses 44:30–44:42)
  3. Good and Evil Rewarded (Verses 44:43–44:59)