English Translation and Commentary of the Holy Quran (2010)

by Maulana Muhammad Ali

Chapter 45: Al-Jathiyah — The Kneeling (Revealed at Makkah: 4 sections, 37 verses)

Section 1 (Verses 45:1–45:11): Denial of Revelation


بِسۡمِ اللّٰہِ الرَّحۡمٰنِ الرَّحِیۡمِ

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

حٰمٓ ۚ﴿۱﴾

45:1 Beneficent God!

تَنۡزِیۡلُ الۡکِتٰبِ مِنَ اللّٰہِ الۡعَزِیۡزِ الۡحَکِیۡمِ ﴿۲﴾

45:2 The revelation of the Book is from Allah, the Mighty, the Wise.

اِنَّ فِی السَّمٰوٰتِ وَ الۡاَرۡضِ لَاٰیٰتٍ لِّلۡمُؤۡمِنِیۡنَ ؕ﴿۳﴾

45:3 Surely in the heavens and the earth are signs for believers.

وَ فِیۡ خَلۡقِکُمۡ وَ مَا یَبُثُّ مِنۡ دَآبَّۃٍ اٰیٰتٌ لِّقَوۡمٍ یُّوۡقِنُوۡنَ ۙ﴿۴﴾

45:4 And in your creation, and in the animals He spreads all over, are signs for a people who are sure;

وَ اخۡتِلَافِ الَّیۡلِ وَ النَّہَارِ وَ مَاۤ اَنۡزَلَ اللّٰہُ مِنَ السَّمَآءِ مِنۡ رِّزۡقٍ فَاَحۡیَا بِہِ الۡاَرۡضَ بَعۡدَ مَوۡتِہَا وَ تَصۡرِیۡفِ الرِّیٰحِ اٰیٰتٌ لِّقَوۡمٍ یَّعۡقِلُوۡنَ ﴿۵﴾

45:5 and (in) the alternation of the night and the day and (in) the sustenance which Allah sends down from the heaven, then gives life with it to the earth after its death, and (in) the changing of the winds, are signs for a people who understand.

تِلۡکَ اٰیٰتُ اللّٰہِ نَتۡلُوۡہَا عَلَیۡکَ بِالۡحَقِّ ۚ فَبِاَیِّ حَدِیۡثٍۭ بَعۡدَ اللّٰہِ وَ اٰیٰتِہٖ یُؤۡمِنُوۡنَ ﴿۶﴾

45:6 These are the messages of Allah, which We recite to you with truth. In what announcement will they then believe after Allah and His signs?1

وَیۡلٌ لِّکُلِّ اَفَّاکٍ اَثِیۡمٍ ۙ﴿۷﴾

45:7 Woe to every sinful liar!

یَّسۡمَعُ اٰیٰتِ اللّٰہِ تُتۡلٰی عَلَیۡہِ ثُمَّ یُصِرُّ مُسۡتَکۡبِرًا کَاَنۡ لَّمۡ یَسۡمَعۡہَا ۚ فَبَشِّرۡہُ بِعَذَابٍ اَلِیۡمٍ ﴿۸﴾

45:8 who hears the messages of Allah recited to him then persists in arrogance, as though he had not heard them. So announce to him a painful punishment.

وَ اِذَا عَلِمَ مِنۡ اٰیٰتِنَا شَیۡئَۨا اتَّخَذَہَا ہُزُوًا ؕ اُولٰٓئِکَ لَہُمۡ عَذَابٌ مُّہِیۡنٌ ؕ﴿۹﴾

45:9 And when he comes to know of any of Our messages, he takes them for a jest. For such is a humiliating punishment.

مِنۡ وَّرَآئِہِمۡ جَہَنَّمُ ۚ وَ لَا یُغۡنِیۡ عَنۡہُمۡ مَّا کَسَبُوۡا شَیۡئًا وَّ لَا مَا اتَّخَذُوۡا مِنۡ دُوۡنِ اللّٰہِ اَوۡلِیَآءَ ۚ وَ لَہُمۡ عَذَابٌ عَظِیۡمٌ ﴿ؕ۱۰﴾

45:10 In front of them is hell, and what they have earned will not avail them in the least, nor those whom they take for protectors besides Allah, and for them is a grievous punishment.

ہٰذَا ہُدًی ۚ وَ الَّذِیۡنَ کَفَرُوۡا بِاٰیٰتِ رَبِّہِمۡ لَہُمۡ عَذَابٌ مِّنۡ رِّجۡزٍ اَلِیۡمٌ ﴿٪۱۱﴾

45:11 This is guidance; and those who disbelieve in the messages of their Lord, for them is a painful punishment of an evil (kind).


  1. After Allah and His signs, i.e., after the word of Allah and His signs have come to them.