English Translation and Commentary of the Holy Quran (2010)

by Maulana Muhammad Ali

Chapter 6: Al-Anam — The Cattle (Revealed at Makkah: 20 sections, 165 verses)


The name of this chapter refers to certain superstitious and idolatrous practices of the pre-Islamic Arabs (v. 142–144) which were to be abolished to establish the doctrine of Divine Unity. The chapter deals with this doctrine at length, presents evidence to prove its truth and declares its ultimate triumph over idolatry and all other kinds of polytheism. This chapter was revealed at Makkah in the last year of the phase of the Holy Prophet’s life there.

List of Sections (Rukus):

  1. Ultimate Triumph of Divine Unity (Verses 6:1–6:10)
  2. Greatness of Divine Mercy (Verses 6:11–6:20)
  3. Polytheists’ Witness against Themselves (Verses 6:21–6:30)
  4. Rejection of the Truth (Verses 6:31–6:41)
  5. Consequences of Rejection (Verses 6:42–6:50)
  6. Reward of Believers (Verses 6:51–6:55)
  7. Divine Judgment (Verses 6:56–6:60)
  8. Divine Judgment (Verses 6:61–6:70)
  9. Abraham’s Argument for Divine Unity (Verses 6:71–6:82)
  10. Prophets among Abraham’s Descendants (Verses 6:83–6:90)
  11. Truth of Divine Revelation (Verses 6:91–6:94)
  12. Ultimate Triumph of the Truth (Verses 6:95–6:100)
  13. Gradual Progress (Verses 6:101–6:110)
  14. Idolaters’ Opposition (Verses 6:111–6:121)
  15. The Chief Opponents (Verses 6:122–6:129)
  16. Evils of Idolatry (Verses 6:130–6:140)
  17. Idolaters’ Self-imposed Prohibitions (Verses 6:141–6:144)
  18. Prohibited Foods (Verses 6:145–6:150)
  19. Guiding Rules of Life (Verses 6:151–6:154)
  20. The Goal for the Faithful (Verses 6:155–6:165)