English Translation and Commentary of the Holy Quran (2010)

by Maulana Muhammad Ali

Chapter 7: Al-Araf — The Elevated Places (Revealed at Makkah: 24 sections, 206 verses)


The title of this chapter is taken from the mention of The Elevated Places (v. 46) on which stand the perfect righteous servants of Allah. The main theme of this chapter is the truth of Divine revelation. It illustrates this by referring to the histories of several prophets, warning that the opponents of the Holy Prophet would meet the same fate as the opponents of the earlier prophets if they did not mend their ways. The chapter goes on to relate the history of Moses, as the Prophet Muhammad appeared in the likeness of Moses according to prophecies in the Torah. Towards the end, it gives the essence of the last and present chapter. This chapter was revealed at Makkah, just prior to the Emigration of the Holy Prophet.

List of Sections (Rukus):

  1. Opponents’ Doom (Verses 7:1–7:10)
  2. The Devil’s Opposition to Man (Verses 7:11–7:25)
  3. Warning against the Devil’s Insinuations (Verses 7:26–7:31)
  4. Messengers Sent for Uplift of Humanity (Verses 7:32–7:39)
  5. Those who Accept the Message (Verses 7:40–7:47)
  6. Helplessness of Opponents (Verses 7:48–7:53)
  7. The Righteous will Prosper (Verses 7:54–7:58)
  8. Noah (Verses 7:59–7:64)
  9. Hud (Verses 7:65–7:72)
  10. Salih and Lot (Verses 7:73–7:84)
  11. Shuaib (Verses 7:85–7:93)
  12. Makkans Warned of Punishment (Verses 7:94–7:99)
  13. Moses sent to Pharaoh with Signs (Verses 7:100–7:108)
  14. Pharaoh Summons Enchanters (Verses 7:109–7:126)
  15. Persecution of Israelites Continues (Verses 7:127–7:129)
  16. Moses Shows more Signs (Verses 7:130–7:141)
  17. Moses Receives the Law (Verses 7:142–7:147)
  18. Israelites Worship a Calf (Verses 7:148–7:151)
  19. The Torah and the Prophet’s Advent (Verses 7:152–7:157)
  20. Divine Favours on Israelites (Verses 7:158–7:162)
  21. Israelites’ Transgressions (Verses 7:163–7:171)
  22. Evidence of Divine Impress on Man’s Nature (Verses 7:172–7:181)
  23. The Coming of the Doom (Verses 7:182–7:188)
  24. The Final Word (Verses 7:189–7:206)