Friday Sermon Archive

Friday Sermons (2021) [in English]

on Islam and the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam

Raffique Ali (Wajidali Memorial Mosque, Trinidad):

29 Jan 2021:

Allah’s Love for us

26 Feb 2021:


26 Mar 2021:


Yamin Alibaksh (Ahmadiyya Muslim Literary Trust, Trinidad & Tobago):

8 Jan 2021:

Make Allah your Exclusive Object

5 Feb 2021:

The Mosques are Allah’s

5 Mar 2021:

Taubah and Istighfar (Seeking Forgiveness and Protection)

Dr. Zahid Aziz (Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-e-Islam Lahore, UK):

These sermons are also available in video format

01 Jan 2021:

Prophets as Mortal Human Beings and the Righteousness of Mary

08 Jan 2021:

Membership of the Brotherhood of Islam (Part 1)

15 Jan 2021:

Membership of the Brotherhood of Islam (Part 2)

22 Jan 2021:

The Kalima Shahadah and the Fundamentals of Islam

29 Jan 2021:

‘Books’ as mentioned in the Holy Quran

05 Feb 2021:

The Holy Quran is a Guide — for Whom?

12 Feb 2021:

Writing Contracts for Debt and Women as Witnesses

19 Feb 2021:

Belief in Revelation from God

26 Feb 2021:

Book of the Hereafter

05 Mar 2021:

Intentions and Actions

12 Mar 2021:

Prisoners of War and their Treatment by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

19 Mar 2021:

Forgiving your own side by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

26 Mar 2021:

The Guidance of the Quran on how to Speak to People

02 Apr 2021:

A True Muslim does not Hurt People by his Words

09 Apr 2021:

Purposes of Fasting

Wahid Hosein (Wajidali Memorial Mosque, Trinidad):

15 Jan 2021:

Islamic Perspective on Governance

19 Feb 2021:

Dealing with Criminals from an Islamic Perspective

02 Apr 2021:

Jesus (AS)

Shafiat Shorab (Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-e-Islam Lahore, Trinidad & Tobago):

12 Mar 2021:

Prayer and Effort [Partial recording]

09 Apr 2021:

Leadership by Example