Friday Sermon: Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his Followers’ Intense Love for Quran

Muslims can Regain Past Glory through Service of Quran Only

by Maulana Muhammad Ali (Translated by Mirza Masum Beg)

18 June 1948 (Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-e-Islam Lahore — Delivered at Quetta)

To rectify and reform is indeed a very tough task which people find difficult to perform. They, however, feel easily drawn towards the world and its things, its power and its pelf which they strive hard to acquire and achieve. But these things, wealth and power, are not necessarily correlated with Muslims only. Other nations too struggle and strive for them and suffer sacrifices. If, in the present time, two or three Muslim states have come into existence, non-Muslim independent states too have sprung up in the world — the Indian Union, and the states of Burma and Ceylon [Sri Lanka] are instances. The Imam [spiritual leader] of this age, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib who had been raised exclusively for the purpose of reforming the people, did not therefore divert his attention in this direction of the world but stressed upon the Muslims to propound and propagate the principles of Islam among the nations of the world. He was then told point-blank: The work of the propagation of Islam cannot be carried on in a state of slavery; We shall see to it when we have established our own independent states. That state has also been established in the shape of Pakistan and the strings of slavery have been shipped off; but the indifference towards the propagation of Islam continues to be the same. Islamic Kingdoms existed in the past as well in full bloom and glory, exercising a powerful sway over the countries from the East to the West. But the question is, why did these kingdoms collapse; what was the ultimate cause of their downfall? The answer is, Muslims’ moral degradation and their breaking away from the covenant of God.

Pakistan is undoubtedly a big state today but if the Muslims should think that they can maintain it without sticking fast to the covenant of God, they would be sadly mistaken. In this very country existed the Great Mughal Empire with all its grandeur and glory, with all its military might and main. Pakistan certainly can bear no comparison to it. Even that great empire was wiped off the surface of this earth. Hazrat Mirza Sahib expended his attention over making the Muslims fit for ruling. The work of reforming the people is indeed a very difficult task, but the Man who is raised by the Most High God for this purpose, cares not for the difficulties that beset his path. The Holy Prophet [Muhammad (pbuh)] had come for the reformation of the world. In order to wean him from his purpose, worldly allurements were cast in his way.

“If you want Kingship,”

said the people of Arabia,

“we shall make you our king. If you desire wealth, you will get it to your satisfaction. And, if you long for beauty, the prettiest girl in the country will be married to you.”

“None of these things I desire,”

replied the Prophet,

“I have come to reclaim and reform you.”

Likewise, the Imam of this age pointed out the right thing which we stand in sore need of said he:

از ره دیں پروری آمد عروج اندر نخست
باز چوں آید بہ آيد ہم ازیں رہ بالیقین

“whatever the Muslims got in the past, they got it by serving and sponsoring the cause of religion; they became the servants of God and God opened out for them the way of progress and prosperity. If success should ever come to the Muslims, it will come by this way only.”

No state can stand until it holds past to the covenant again whereon our Master and Guide, the Holy Prophet, had made us to stand.

Intense love for the Holy Quran and ardent zeal and enthusiasm to propagate it, were found in perfection in the Promised Messiah [Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian], and whosoever sat in his company was imbued with the same spirit.

“Hold fast to the Holy Quran, for therein lies your salvation and success,”

was his constant theme which he impressed on his bearers incessantly. Faith and love, should these really exist in one’s mind penetrate unconsciously into those who sit near and surround him. That the Holy Quran shall prevail, the Holy Prophet shall prevail and the people who will take him for a guide, shall predominate, was a firm faith of Hazrat Mirza Sahib, which he also imparted to his Jamaat [Movement], turning them into so many ardent lovers of the Holy Quran. Selfless service and sacrifice is the criterion of true love; and the sacrifices which his Jamaat has made in the cause of the Holy Quran and the Prophets, stand unmatched and unique. They stop not to think whether or not the world will accept the Holy Quran; they believe firmly that it shall surely predominate, and carry it about the world with the tenacity of a madman. This conviction has, of a truth [certainly], been created by the intense love of the Holy Quran where-with throbbed the heart or Hazrat Mirza Sahib to overflowing. Your hearts should also possess the love of Quran to the extent of overflowing that it may likewise water those hearts who come into contact with you. But love and longing for a thing are not created in the mind until the eye has beheld its fascinating beauty. They reason for why a love for the Quran exists not in the minds of the Muslims, is that the bewitching beauty of the Book is hidden from their eyes.

People, in the present age, are so much engrossed in the affairs of the world that they have no time to devote to the learning of the Holy Quran. It should be understood clearly that we do not live merely to eat and drink; but we eat and drink in order to live. Human life has indeed a much higher aim than merely eating and drinking. The life of this world is really insipid and distasteful. It has its difficulties and distress, its troubles and tyranny. But should you create a living love for the Holy Quran, it will make this bitter life sweet and tasteful. Solemnly I say that I and all those persons who renounced the world for the sake of Mirza Sahib and took up the work of serving the Quran, never felt sorry for this action; on the other hand, we feel a perennial pleasure in our lives that Hazrat Mirza Sahib put us on a path which is lofty and sublime. Read the Holy Quran with love and reverence, and make it the guiding principle of your life; also enlighten the path of others with this Divine light which fails not nor fades; and you will become the masters of mankind again. The Arabs, in pre-Islamic days, were a slave-people groaning with grief under the Persian Yoke. But when they accepted the guidance of the Holy Quran and the Prophet, they became masters of the world.

Source: The Light (Pakistan), 16 August 1948, p. 4

Original Urdu text: Paigham Sulh, 23 June 1948, pp. 3–4, 6