Recitation of the Holy Quran

by the Late Ameer (Head) of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement, K.B. Dr. Saeed Ahmad Khan S.K.

Photograph of Saeed Ahmad Khan (at Jalsa)This audio recording by Dr. Saeed Ahmad Khan was prepared in a residential setting upon the request of his family and other members of the Movement around the world, thus the occasional extraneous sounds in the background. At places the recording levels increase, as certain portions of the earlier recording were recorded over to exclude these extraneous noises as far as possible.

It must be appreciated that this recording was not done by a professional Qari (Reciter) in a professional setup, but by a very humble servant of Allah who brought tears in the eyes of the listeners owing to the love, devotion and understanding of the verses he recited. The internet listeners should take it in that spirit.

Brig. Nasir Ahmad SaeedThis internet version appears courtesy of the family members of the Late Ameer, to whom we are grateful. More specifically, the 2009 version was edited by his son, Brig. (R) Nasir Ahmad Saeed, and re-digitised by his grandson, Dr. MA Saeed, and is an improvement over the original 1999 internet version.

No. Chapter Name MP3
001 Al-Fatihah (The Opening) mp3
002 Al-Baqarah (The Cow) mp3
003 Al-‘Imran (The Family of Amran) mp3
004 Al-Nisa’ (The Women) mp3
005 Al-Ma’idah (The Food) mp3
006 Al-An’am (The Cattle) mp3
007 Al-A’raf (The Elevated Places) mp3
008 Al-Anfal (Voluntary Gifts) mp3
009 Al-Bara’at (The Immunity) mp3
010 Al-Yunus (Jonah) mp3
011 Al-Hud (Hud) mp3
012 Al-Yusuf (Joseph) mp3
013 Al-Ra’d (The Thunder) mp3
014 Al-Ibrahim (Abraham) mp3
015 Al-Hijr (The Rock) mp3
016 Al-Nahl (The Bee) mp3
017 Bani Isra’il (The Israelites) mp3
018 Al-Kahf (The Cave) mp3
019 Al-Maryam (Mary) mp3
020 Ta Ha (Ta Ha) mp3
021 Al-Anbiya’ (The Prophets) mp3
022 Al-Hajj (The Pilgrimage) mp3
023 Al-Mu’minun (The Believers) mp3
024 An-Nur (The Light) mp3
025 Al-Furqan (The Discrimination) mp3
026 Al-Shu’ara’ (The Poets) mp3
027 Al-Naml (The Naml) mp3
028 Al-Qasas (The Narrative) mp3
029 Al-‘Ankabut (The Spider) mp3
030 Ar-Rum (The Romans) mp3
031 Luqman (Luqman) mp3
032 Al-Sajdah (The Adoration) mp3
033 Al-Ahzab (The Allies) mp3
034 Al-Saba’ (The Saba’) mp3
035 Al-Fatir (The Originator) mp3
036 Ya Sin (Ya Sin) mp3
037 Al-Saffat (Those Ranging in Ranks) mp3
038 Sad (Sad) mp3
039 Az-Zumar (The Companies) mp3
040 Al-Mu’min (The Believer) mp3
041 Ha Mim (Ha Mim) mp3
042 Ash-Shura (Counsel) mp3
043 Az-Zukhruf (Gold) mp3
044 Ad-Dukhan (The Drought) mp3
045 Al-Jathiyah (The Kneeling) mp3
046 Al-Ahqaf (The Sandhills) mp3
047 Muhammad (Muhammad) mp3
048 Al-Fath (The Victory) mp3
049 Al-Hujurat (The Apartments) mp3
050 Qaf (Qaf) mp3
051 Al- Dhariyat/ The Scatterers) mp3
052 At-Tur (The Mountain) mp3
053 An-Najm (The Star) mp3
054 Al-Qamar (The Moon) mp3
055 Ar-Rahman (The Beneficent) mp3
056 Al-Waqi’ah (The Event) mp3
057 Al-Hadid (Iron) mp3
058 Al-Mujadilah (The Pleading Woman) mp3
059 Al-Hashr (The Banishment) mp3
060 Al-Mumtahanah (The Woman who is Examined) mp3
061 As-Saff (The Ranks) mp3
062 Al-Jumu’ah (The Congregation) mp3
063 Al-Munafiqun (The Hypocrites) mp3
064 At-Taghabun (The Manifestation of Losses) mp3
065 At-Talaq (Divorce) mp3
066 At-Tahrim (The Prohibition) mp3
067 Al-Mulk (The Kingdom) mp3
068 Al-Qalam (The Pen) mp3
069 Al-Haqqah (The Sure Truth) mp3
070 Al-Ma’arij (The Ways of Ascent) mp3
071 Nuh (Noah) mp3
072 Al-Jinn (The Jinn) mp3
073 Al-Muzzammil (The One Covering Himself) mp3
074 Al-Muddaththir (The One Wrapping Himself Up) mp3
075 Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection) mp3
076 Al-Insan (The Man) mp3
077 Al-Mursalat (Those Sent Forth) mp3
078 An-Naba’ (The Announcement) mp3
079 An-Nazi’at (Those Who Yearn) mp3
080 ‘Abasa (He Frowned) mp3
081 At-Takwir (The Folding Up) mp3
082 Al-Infitar (The Cleaving) mp3
083 At-Tatfif (Default in Duty) mp3
084 Al-Inshiqaq (The Bursting Asunder) mp3
085 Al-Buruj (The Stars) mp3
086 At-Tariq (The Comer by Night) mp3
087 Al-A’la (The Most High) mp3
088 Al-Ghashiyah (The Overwhelming Event) mp3
089 Al-Fajr (The Daybreak) mp3
090 Al-Balad (The City) mp3
091 Ash-Shams (The Sun) mp3
092 Al-Lail (The Night) mp3
093 Ad-Duha (The Brightness of the Day) mp3
094 Al-Inshirah (The Expansion) mp3
095 At-Tin (The Fig) mp3
096 Al-‘Alaq (The Clot) mp3
097 Al-Qadr (The Majesty) mp3
098 Al-Bayyinah (The Clear Evidence) mp3
099 Al-Zilzal (The Shaking) mp3
100 Al-‘Adiyat (The Assaulters) mp3
101 Al-Qari’ah (The Calamity) mp3
102 At-Takathur (The Abundance of Wealth) mp3
103 Al-‘Asr (The Time) mp3
104 Al-Humazah (The Slanderer) mp3
105 Al-Fil (The Elephant) mp3
106 Al-Quraish (The Quraish) mp3
107 Al-Ma’un (Acts of Kindness) mp3
108 Al-Kauthar (The Abundance of Good) mp3
109 Al-Kafirun (The Disbelievers) mp3
110 An-Nasr (The Help) mp3
111 Al-Lahab (The Flame) mp3
112 Al-Ikhlas (The Unity) mp3
113 Al-Falaq (The Dawn) mp3
114 An-Nas (The Men) mp3