Media Review: Prince Saud Supports the Ahmadi Concept of Jihad

by Hadith Al-Zia, M.Sc.

The Islamic Guardian (UK), October to December 1981 Issue (Vol. 2, No. 4, p. 18)

Last year, Saudi Arabia called upon all Muslims to engage in a jihad against the Israeli occupation of Jerusalem. This was widely interpreted by Western observers as being a call to ‘Holy War.’ Prince Saud refuted this at a press conference which was reported in The Guardian (August 28, 1980). It said:

“Prince Saud told a press conference of British journalists with the Fo­reign Secretary, Lord Carrington, that Saudi Arabia’s recent call for jihad or holy campaign, against Israel, was not aggressive but defensive. A ji­had, he said, was not a holy war like a crusade. ‘Jihad is a call to stand for your rights,’ he said. ‘In this case it is a defensive attitude.’”