Notes: The Anglican Church in India

The Light (Pakistan), 1st June 1922 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 12, pp. 1–2)

In the Near East for April 13, 1922, we read:           

“At the request of Bishops in India, the church at home, has, with the approval of the Punjab, promised to send a mission of spiritual help, which will be in India from November of this year until March of next year.

The mission will include at best twenty-four clergymen, with women missionaries. They will address themselves to the English-speaking members of the church in India without distinction of race.

It is estimated that £500 to £600 will be needed.”

This will give our readers only an inkling of the enormous sums of money which the Christian world is spending in the spread of Christianity, in spite of the fact that Jesus never enjoined upon his followers the propagation of gospels in the world, as he was sent only to the lost sheep of Israelites.

The Muslims on the other hand are religiously bound to spread the teachings of Islam throughout the world as it is the religion for the whole of mankind. But the pity is that the efforts of the latter in this direction sink into insignificance when compared with those of the former.