Notes: The ‘Epiphany’ on the Holy Prophet

The Light (Pakistan), 1st July 1922 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 14, p. 1)

We are glad to note that in response to a correspondent, our esteemed contemporary, the Epiphany, has confessed, as follows:

“We most certainly hold, with most educated Christians, that Mohammed (on whom be peace) was truly called and inspired by God.”

But, to avoid misconception, it will be well, perhaps, to complete the sentence quoted above from the Epiphany of 15th April 1922:

“…but we do not accept all his teaching as inspired. — Editor, Epiphany.”

This is assuredly a very healthy sign of religious toleration and indicates a true spirit of a real seeker-after-truth. We only hope that the day will not be far away when the learned Editor of the Epiphany will realise the truth of every Islamic tenet and will thus become a Muslim.