The Berlin Convention

12–13 August 2022

by Imam Amir Aziz

The Light (UK), September 2022 Issue (pp. 4–5)

1st Day — 12th August:

By Allah’s blessings, Berlin Mosque has been completely renovated to its original glory, 98 years after construction. It is the first time the Mosque’s exterior and interior have been fully renovated. Imam’s house has also been fully renovated from the outside. It took us six years to achieve this historic goal. Alongside the renovation of the Mosque, the mission is also prospering. The Mosque is open for five times prayers.

It has become the most active and important centre. During this short period, 56 people took the shahda [enter the fold of Islam] in the Mosque, and hundreds of books were distributed. The Mosque has become the centre of learning teachings of Islam and  AAIIL [Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-i-Islam Lahore]. 

We organised a two-day convention to celebrate this historic moment on 12th and 13th August 2022. Hazrat Ameer Dr Abdul Karim Saeed sahib specially graced the event. Delegates from Pakistan, England, Holland, Portugal, Suriname and Germany participated in the event. 

The Berlin Mosque (Exterior View)

On the 12th of August, Friday, the day started with a Dars-e-Quran [discourse on the Holy Quran] by Hazrat Ameer after the Morning Prayer. Hazrat Ameer delivered the Friday sermon in English, translated into German and Arabic. The Mosque was packed, and attendees had to sit outside in the garden to listen to the sermon. 

After the tea break, the Jalsa [convention] started at 16:00 with the recitation of the Holy Quran by brother Reza Ghafoor Khan from Holland.

Sister Galida Badoella from Suriname presented Manzoom Kalam [recited poetry].

Hazrat Ameer addressed the audience in his opening speech, thanking Allah for providing an opportunity for members of AAIIL to donate towards the renovation of this historical Mosque. He thanked all members of AAIIL across the world who generously donated to this great cause. 

Brother Dr Jawad Ahmad from the U.K. talked about this historic moment representing the UK Jammat. He expressed his thoughts about Berlin Mosque and his attachment to this Mosque. He also explained the great devotion of his father (Uncle Nasir Ahmad) to this Mosque, who has rendered excellent services to the Berlin Mosque and AAIIL. 

Dr Robbert Mohmmad Amin sahib represented the Holland Jammat and expressed his feelings about the renovation of the Mosque. He also narrated that his Jammat will continue to support the Berlin Mosque. Brother Haroon Badole also addressed and congratulated AAIIL, saying it is a great moment in history when the Mosque has been fully renovated to its original glory. He also recited a poem in his very melodious voice.

The youngest speaker, Rehan Hoeseni from Holland, also delivered a speech everyone appreciated. 

Chaudhry Saadat Ahmad sahib from Pakistan also addressed and informed how much expenses were spent on the renovation of the Mosque. He thanked Allah for providing us with the opportunity to complete this uphill task. 

Lord Shahid Aziz from the U.K. narrated many historical incidents about the Mosque. He also named previous Imams of the Mosque who did their best to serve the Mosque. 

Dr Asad Hayat sahib, who was visiting the Mosque first time, also expressed his thoughts about the Berlin Mosque. Brother Abdul Aziz sahib from Germany also addressed the gathering. He spoke about the Mosque and his services for it. He has also served the Mosque as Assistant Imam. Mr Muddasir Aziz from Holland presented Central Anjuman’s website details and explained its upgradation. The first day’s programme ended with a fervent prayer by Hazrat Ameer for the progress of the Berlin Mission and AAIIL worldwide. 

2nd Day — 13th August:

The day began with Dars-e-Quran by Hazrat Ameer after the Fajr Prayer. 

It was a very special day — the official opening of the Mosque was held at 4 pm. Participants from various religious, political, literary and social strata participated in the event. Hazrat Ameer inaugurated the ceremony with Surah Al-Fatihah. The Ribbon cutting followed this. The media gave special attention to the event, and the ceremony was broadcast on the main T.V. channel. 

The programme started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Mr Yasir Aziz, followed by its translation into the German language by Mr Ozkhan.  Saleena Aziz, a young girl, performed as Master of the Ceremony in German and English. 

The Berlin Mosque (Interior View)

The Imam presented the history of the mosque. Later, Hazrat Ameer delivered the keynote address: Islam is the Religion of Peace. His speech was appreciated by everyone present. Dr Gerdien Jonker, a Historian and well-known writer, spoke about the glorious history of the Mosque. The architect Mr Nitschke explained all phases of the renovation of the Mosque. Mr Zakaria Aloklak represented the Arab-German organisation ABZiel and talked about religious harmony as presented by the Berlin Mosque. Mr Inshaal Ahmad from the U.K. delivered a wonderful speech in German. He spoke about the Role of Muslim Youth in a Multicultural and Multi-religious Society

Our special guest, the ambassador of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Mr Mosharaf congratulated people on this historic achievement. He stressed religious harmony in society as preached by the Berlin Mosque. He also said that his country is secular, where people of all faiths live in absolute peace and harmony. Dr Gardi Nutzel represented the Religious Forum Berlin. She addressed in German and congratulated AAIIL on this historic moment. 

Mr Arif Naqvi from India, a writer of more than 30 books, a renowned poet, author, and drama writer in literary circles, gave an excellent speech about religious harmony and tolerance in society. His presence was a great honour for us and the gathering. Mr Amerjeet Sing represented the Sikh community, conveying love and peace to all. Pastor Oliver from the African community also addressed the conference, saying that religious harmony was the need of the time. Mr Sarwar Ghazali, a well-known writer, poet and novelist, also addressed the meeting and congratulated AAIIL on completing this uphill task. It was a great success that people of all faiths and all social circles were present at the moment. The neighbours of the Mosque were specially invited to attend this event and enjoyed it.  The programme ended with Asr prayer and closing Dua [prayer] by Hazrat Ameer, followed by dinner.