Our Teachings [Part 2]

From the Work, ‘Kisthi-i-Nuh’ [Noah’s Ark]

by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian

The Light & Islamic Review (US), January/February 1992 Issue (Vol. 69, No. 1, pp. 3–4)

Editor’s Note: The serialisation of extracts from this book which deal with the teachings of Islam, as particularly stressed by the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement, continues below from the September–October 1991 issue.

Be not deceived that you have fulfilled your duty by merely believing a few things, for Almighty God wishes to bring about a complete and thorough transformation within you. He demands of you a death (of former ways), after which He shall breathe a new life into you. Make reconciliation among yourselves quickly, and forgive the faults of your brethren, for wicked is the person who does not agree to be at peace with his brother. He is in danger of being cut off, for he sows the seed of dissension. Renounce your base passions in every way and let go of mutual disagreements. Despite being in the right, humble yourselves like one who is in error, that you may be forgiven. Get rid of the fatness of low desires because a fat man cannot enter the narrow gate to which you are called. Luckless is he who does not accept these words which have come out of the mouth of God and have been taught by me. If you wish that God may be pleased with you upon heaven, be at harmony with one another as twin-born brothers. The most honourable among you is he who most forgives his brother’s trespasses. Wretched is he who is stubborn and does not forgive; he has no share in me.

True Connection with God:

Fear the displeasure of God, for He is holy and has a high sense of honour. Evil doers cannot attain the nearness of God. The proud, the unjust and the dishonest cannot approach Him. Everyone who is not jealous for the name of the Lord cannot draw nigh to Him. Those who are bent low upon sordid worldly gain, like dogs, ants or vultures, and seek material comforts, cannot have access to Him. An evil eye cannot see Him, and an impure heart cannot know Him. He who casts himself into fire (of tribulations) for His sake, shall be delivered from hellfire; he who weeps for Him shall laugh; he who cuts asunder the ties of this world for His sake shall meet Him. Be the friends of God with a sincere heart, truly and fervently, so that He may also befriend you.

Show kindness and mercy to your juniors, your wives and your poor brethren, so that mercy may be shown to you from heaven. Be for God in right earnest, so that He may be for you. The world is a place of trials and afflictions; so take hold of God with firmness and fidelity, that He may keep these calamities from coming near you. No misfortune arises upon earth until a decree is issued from heaven, nor can an evil be removed until mercy descends from heaven. It is prudent to take hold of the root and not to trust to the branch. It is not forbidden to you to make use of medicines or means, but it is forbidden to you to put your trust in these, for only that will ultimately happen which God intends. For those who are willing to endure it, trusting in God is the best course.

Reverence for Holy Quran and Holy Prophet [Muhammad (pbuh)]:

It is an essential teaching that you do not forsake the Holy Quran, for in it is your life. Those who honour the Quran shall be honoured in heaven; those who give precedence to the Holy Quran over every tradition (hadith) and saying shall be given precedence in heaven. There is no book now on the face of the earth for the guidance of the world but the Holy Quran, and no apostle or intercessor for mankind but Muhammad mustafa, may peace and the blessings of God be upon him. Endeavour to have true love for this Holy Prophet of honour and glory, and give not excellence to anyone over him, so that you may be included in heaven among those who are saved. Remember also that salvation does not begin after death; rather, true salvation is that which reveals its light in this very life.

Who is saved? He who is certain that God is truth, and that the Holy Prophet Muhammad is the intercessor between Him and all creatures. Under heaven there is no other apostle of equal rank with the Holy Prophet, nor any Book of equal excellence with the Holy Quran. For none has Almighty God willed an everlasting life, but for this chosen Holy Prophet who lives forever. …

O all you people who call yourselves my followers: You cannot be recognised as my followers upon heaven until you truly follow the path of righteousness. Say your five daily prayers with such awe and attention, as if you actually see God. Keep your fasts faithfully for the sake of God. Everyone who is liable to pay Zakat must do so. If the Hajj to Makka is obligatory upon you, and there is no impediment, you must perform it. Do good so as to love it well, and forsake evil so as to hate it. Know it for certain that no deed goes up to God which is devoid of true righteousness. Righteousness is the root of every goodness; if the root has not been neglected, the deed shall not go to waste either. It is necessary that you should be tried with various afflictions and adversities as the faithful before you were tried. Beware that you do not stumble! The earth cannot inflict any harm upon you if you have a strong bond with heaven. It is your own hands, and not your enemy’s, that cause you a loss. If your earthly honour is all lost, God will give you an eternal glory upon heaven. Forsake Him not, therefore. You must suffer various afflictions, and be deprived of some long-cherished hopes, but grieve not, for your God tries you as to your steadfastness in His path. If you wish that even the angels should praise you in heaven, rejoice when you are persecuted, and be thankful when you are abused, and sever not the tie when you meet with failures. You are the last people raised by God; therefore, do virtuous deeds of the highest order. Whoever among you is slack shall be cast off (by God) like filth, and shall meet a sad end. He will not be able to harm God. Look! I give you the glad tidings that your God really exists. Though His are all creatures, but He chooses the man who chooses Him. He comes to him who goes to Him, and He gives honour to him who honours Him. Come to Him with your hearts sincere and your tongues, eyes and ears cleansed, and He shall accept you.